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2013-04-11 02:46:49 by DylaneggsProductions


Still feeling really bad for not uploading anything, for I have improved allot since my previous animations from 2012. Intending to upload something in 2013, I've been working hard but I still procrastinate most of the time. This has gotten out of hand for me, and isn't healthy guys. It's not swell, nor well. It is in fact quite ill.
ANYWAY, I will get something done, and when it's here and uploaded, all you big shot animators will be all stoopified by my 'mazin cartoons.
Case locked and closed as my bedroom door.

Anyway, I love you all! All of you should line up so I can smack with all your fish lips in a row.
Just kiddin' I'd rather marry you guys first before we get into that.


2012-12-13 16:33:10 by DylaneggsProductions

I'm finnally doing somthing!

It's the 60 frames collab 5, so check the thread out and join.

Just saiyan.



2012-10-20 00:23:59 by DylaneggsProductions


I'm mad at myself for not getting anything done, but I will.



Those Three Nuns (Redo)
I don't know if anyone remembers this, but when I was 12 I had this really good idea of a comedy including three nuns. The writing was really good but my animation sucked back then.

I hate to have a good idea go to waste so I'm going to re animate and re write the original series I had in mind.

You can all see the original animations from two years ago right here, but be warned don't watch if you are catholic, it slanders them a lot.

Those Three Nuns IThose Three Nuns II
Those Three Nuns III

In the last Those Three Nuns I said I will be doing a 4th one, so I will release it after I'm finished animating the first three.

This World is Crazy!

This is a series that I already started and it seemed to get a lot of positive feed back. So I will continue it this year, but don't look for it so soon because I lost my tablet pen and I won't be getting I new one for a while.

My cartoons will get better I promise. I know that I've had some crappy cartoons in the past but I will make up for them by ACTUALLY WRITING A SCRIPT AND STORY BOARDING THE EVENTS IN THE CARTOON!.

Hopefully Mr. Fulp will give me a daily first again after this is done. Thank you and good night.


2012-03-23 18:13:38 by DylaneggsProductions

One of my animations got front paged.

Thank you Mr. Fulp (maybe i won't kill you now)

Any way here it is

It has some problems playing, right click and check play.

Greetings fine friends!

This now my third year on Newgrounds, and my crap has turned into slightly better crap

Any ways I'm in the process of making an animation for this guy.

It's about Sly Cooper.


2011-10-09 20:53:09 by DylaneggsProductions


Best Animation I have ever made in progress and Collab

2011-07-28 16:28:00 by DylaneggsProductions


So I'am goin into a collab called the "Moving Picture Collab" hosted by this guy.

Here is the part I made it's only like, 20 frames. ):


Other then that, I'm working on one of the BEST animations I have ever made.
It's about Fredrick the Dog, if you don't know who he is you can find out
right here.

ALSO! I'm trying new things in my animation.

OH, and here is a screen shot of my movie of Fredrick the Dog called "Fredrick the Dog: Origins."


Best Animation I have ever made in progress and Collab

This World is Crazy Episode 3

2011-07-09 20:52:05 by DylaneggsProductions

Hi NG,
Iam working on This World is Crazy Episode 3
so yeah...

This World is Crazy Episode 3

Me five years ago

2011-05-21 17:15:49 by DylaneggsProductions