2016 Submissions

2015 Submissions

Santa's New Method Santa's New Method Rated Stars It works! Comedy - Original TWIC/Dish Disaster TWIC/Dish Disaster Rated Stars Dylan and his friend, Auz, go to a resturant, A RESTURANT FROM HELL!!! Comedy - Original The Tree Climber The Tree Climber Rated Stars A boy climbs up a tree the end. Comedy - Original Robert the Haunted Doll Robert the Haunted Doll Rated Stars Robert did it. Other CatzShouldn'tHavPoptartz CatzShouldn'tHavPoptartz Rated Stars Rest in peace Mr. Dog the Cat Comedy - Parody Timmy in Awesome Land! Timmy in Awesome Land! Rated Stars Alice in Wonderland just got crazier! Experimental Where R My Applez?????? Where R My Applez?????? Rated Stars WHERE R MY APPLEZ?????? Spam TWIC:Lol Con TWIC:Lol Con Rated Stars Dylan and Fredrick go to Lol Con and met an old friend there. Comedy - Original Dylan VS Ninja Cupcake Dylan VS Ninja Cupcake Rated Stars Who will win? Only god knows now. Action Teh Wittle Boy Teh Wittle Boy Rated Stars Teh wittle boy takes a walk through the woods! Comedy - Original TWIC:Thy Chips TWIC:Thy Chips Rated Stars When Dylan runs out of chips he and Fredrick go on a journey to find more, Comedy - Original Beatboxing Fredrick Beatboxing Fredrick Rated Stars A beatboxing dog named Fredrick. Other TWIC: Pilot TWIC: Pilot Rated Stars Dylan and Fredrick are hunted down by Mexican gangsters after not paying them. Comedy - Original Teh Media Teh Media Rated Stars Always belive whatever's in the media kids! Comedy - Original Pointless Poetry Pointless Poetry Rated Stars Rumpety rumpety rumpety ru... Experimental Fagatron Fagatron Rated Stars An amazing Transformers parodywith a gay decipticon! Comedy - Parody The Harvard Police The Harvard Police Rated Stars Where ever incorrect grammar is used the Harvard Police will save the day! Comedy - Original Those Three Nuns III Those Three Nuns III Rated Stars The nuns are back for rounds three. Comedy - Original If Gears of War was Real If Gears of War was Real Rated Stars Ever play Gears of War? Netheir have I. Comedy - Parody Why Macys Has A Red Star Why Macys Has A Red Star Rated Stars Has anyone ever thought about this before? Comedy - Parody Be Mine! Be Mine! Rated Stars A little Valentine's Day short I threw together. Comedy - Original The Definition of "FAIL" The Definition of "FAIL" Rated Stars Fail: to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired... Comedy - Original The Battle of Mercy The Battle of Mercy Rated Stars Fredrick fought the law and guess who won? Action Hank Hates Peter Hank Hates Peter Rated Stars Oh god. Comedy - Parody IfAssasin'sCreedwasReal IfAssasin'sCreedwasReal Rated Stars Sorry Ezio Comedy - Parody
Xmas Nite Xmas Nite Rated Stars A story about a boy, Saint Nick, and one messed up plot. Comedy - Original Lewis Carroll the Legend Lewis Carroll the Legend Rated Stars Based on true story. Comedy - Parody Canadians in Afghanistan Canadians in Afghanistan Rated Stars What will happen to this two canadians in Afghanistan? Comedy - Original BirthofCyanide&Happiness BirthofCyanide&Happiness Rated Stars The Birth of Cyanide and Happiness Comedy - Parody The Realistic Politician The Realistic Politician Rated Stars Is it so wrong to make cartoons and real life in a flash? Some may think its sin... Comedy - Original A Mario Cart Lesson A Mario Cart Lesson Rated Stars A little lesson... Comedy - Parody Halloweak Halloweak Rated Stars My very first Halloween special enjoy! Comedy - Original The Confused Cop The Confused Cop Rated Stars Don't worry he will save you. Comedy - Parody The One Browser The One Browser Rated Stars A little short I made in my spare time... Comedy - Parody The Truth about Gingers The Truth about Gingers Rated Stars CopperCab is PISSED!!! Comedy - Parody If Batman was Real If Batman was Real Rated Stars This tells you what would happen. Comedy - Parody Fredrick's Birthday Fredrick's Birthday Rated Stars A video for my Dog's Birthday, hope you like it!!! Comedy - Original Those Three Nuns 2 Those Three Nuns 2 Rated Stars The nuns are back! Comedy - Parody If Indiana Jones was Real If Indiana Jones was Real Rated Stars If Indiana Jones was Real Comedy - Parody If Spider-Man was Real If Spider-Man was Real Rated Stars If Spider-Man was Real Comedy - Parody B the Movie B the Movie Rated Stars HAPPY CLOCK DAY!!! Comedy - Parody Humiliation for Justin Humiliation for Justin Rated Stars Justin Bieber gets hit in the face Comedy - Parody The End of Newgrounds The End of Newgrounds Rated Stars When Tom Fulp starts deleting random Newgrounds accounts its up to dylan to take him out Comedy - Parody A Hell of a Trip A Hell of a Trip Rated Stars Dylan and Fred take a trip to hell! Comedy - Original Trying Chat Roulette Trying Chat Roulette Rated Stars I wittness something very gross on chat roulette Comedy - Original Why Video Games are Bad Why Video Games are Bad Rated Stars Why Video Games are Bad. Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Rated Stars Try itI dare you. Comedy - Original What if Luke Failed What if Luke Failed Rated Stars Like any old Star Wars Parody Comedy - Parody The Fred Story The Fred Story Rated Stars FRED!!!!!!!! Comedy - Original ButterFinger Ad Parody ButterFinger Ad Parody Rated Stars An't no one laying a finger on my ButterFinger. Comedy - Parody Those Three Nuns Those Three Nuns Rated Stars See what happens when a nun acts out. Comedy - Original My Encounter with Aliens My Encounter with Aliens Rated Stars I find a alien and faint Comedy - Original WhatEverHappendtoGeorgeB. WhatEverHappendtoGeorgeB. Rated Stars See what happend after the day. Comedy - Original Shadow of a Parody Shadow of a Parody Rated Stars A parody of Shadow of the Collosses Comedy - Parody The Messing of Time The Messing of Time Rated Stars a spoof of Prince of Presia Sands of Time Comedy - Parody Final Fanasty Must Die Final Fanasty Must Die Rated Stars Ever played final fanasty? Well this animation takes place when every one is tired of it. Comedy - Parody